Daily vs. Weekly

July 30, 2009 at 9:33 pm (Blog Responses) (, , , , )

Over at the Blessing of Kings blog, Rohan brought the topic up of repeatable content in the form of Daily Quests and Raids. Basically what the post amounted to was the idea that quests where we do the same thing every time should be made into weekly quests and yield a higher reward. Mike Schramm even brought this up on WoW.com. He even brought up the idea of players being able to make the choice.

I think what this topic boils down to is the issue of how much time someone has. Currently, I’m able to double up on Argent Tournament Dailies, so I’m not feeling much of the impact of time. I consider myself a casual player, but I plan my time accordingly. So does this mean that this idea isn’t one of hardcore or casual, but more an idea of having or not having the time? I think that a casual player can find the time to do a few dailies, it just depends on play style. Maybe you could do some dailies instead of leveling your alt, or even make some extra cash off of professions. Once you build up a gold surplus, it takes a long time for it all to get spent.


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