Gold Woes? Really?

August 1, 2009 at 10:55 am (Commentary) (, , )

The economy of Word of Warcraft has always been something that has amazed me. It really is a study in the economies around these small communities. It’s really no wonder that there are tons of sites that encourage you to fork out real money for gold that was farmed by some 12 year old Chinese child.

However, one thing that has amazed me even further is the way people treat their gold. Today I’m going to go through a couple of examples of real life moments that I’ve encountered in WoW that help illustrate my point.

“Repair bills are lame, I’ve only got 34g now.” This is something classic that I have seen numerous times from a lot of people that I have raided with, and even from people in my guild. A couple of days of making it a point to do some dailies would fix this problem in under an hour, especially if you do them with a group. At an average of 13-17 gold a pop, you can get a nice little chunk for your repair bill in about an hour. That’s not bad if your other option is having no gold at all.

“No I don’t want to buy that item out of the AH, I’m cheap.” Now, I understand if you are saving your gold to an end. Sure thing, no problem, especially from the standpoint of a casual gamer. However more often people seem to have a problem finding a difference between their pretend gold and their real life money. I went to the Auction House once and searched on some items to help me out with my healing. I came across the Armbands of the Construct, a bind on equip item from Normal Ulduar. These bracers were a major upgrade for me, however their listed cost was over 600 gold. I’d already purchased my Artisan Flying and Cold Weather Flying at price tags of 5000 and 1000 gold respectively. So really, I had to ask myself, “What are you really going to use your gold for?” So I didn’t hesitate any longer in picking up these bracers, especially since I knew it was going to be a while before I would see the inside of Ulduar. There have been so many times that I’ve offered to make an item for a gluildmate, only to find that they describe themselves as, “Too cheap,” to buy the mats. Really?

These scenarios seem to come up again and again. I believe that it is not that difficult to come across a good amount of gold in this game. Just do a couple of dailies over a few days when you have time and your gold will add up in no time. I think that with good planning we’d see less players begging in capital cities on alts.


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Daily vs. Weekly

July 30, 2009 at 9:33 pm (Blog Responses) (, , , , )

Over at the Blessing of Kings blog, Rohan brought the topic up of repeatable content in the form of Daily Quests and Raids. Basically what the post amounted to was the idea that quests where we do the same thing every time should be made into weekly quests and yield a higher reward. Mike Schramm even brought this up on He even brought up the idea of players being able to make the choice.

I think what this topic boils down to is the issue of how much time someone has. Currently, I’m able to double up on Argent Tournament Dailies, so I’m not feeling much of the impact of time. I consider myself a casual player, but I plan my time accordingly. So does this mean that this idea isn’t one of hardcore or casual, but more an idea of having or not having the time? I think that a casual player can find the time to do a few dailies, it just depends on play style. Maybe you could do some dailies instead of leveling your alt, or even make some extra cash off of professions. Once you build up a gold surplus, it takes a long time for it all to get spent.

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